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Treated Injuries in Falmouth, MA

When you are in need of relief from shoulder, knee, or joint pain, contact Cape Cod Sports Medicine in Falmouth, MA. Our professional staff will help make the procedure as smooth as possible so you can recover in no time. We know you have more important things to do than be tied down with knee or shoulder pain. Allow Dr. Donald O'Malley healing hands to restore you to health.
Advance Treatment Provided For:
Shoulder injury
Normally brought about by exorbitant wear on joints prompting pain or tear in rotator sleeve.
Rotator Cusp Tears
At the point when tendons in the shoulder are pulled, bringing about agony and weakening the shoulder.
Meniscus Tears
When the knee is bent too far, tearing ligament or other tissue.
Trigger Finger
Aggravated tendons in the finger cause firmness alongside a popping or clicking feeling.
Joint agony brought on when the ligament is weaken and slowly wear out.
Our process is simple and quick, so you can return to the activities you are accustomed to. The process includes the initial consultation with our expert physician. He will then evaluate the issue for a thorough diagnosis. After he has proposed treatment, we will help you through the process with comfort and support.